Important Terms & Conditions

1. We've two plans, for retailers it will be recharge immediately & they'll get 2% immediate cashback.
2. After 24 hours they'll get 8% cashback again of the whole amount what they recharged in full day.
3. There's one condition they need to recharge at least 20 recharges in a day to get 8% cashback.
4. Electricity bill payment we're holding right now for retailers but we'll relaunch it very soon.
5. For normal customers recharge may take more time but they'll get definitely 10% cashback.
6. As we'll get enough transactions/day, we'll re-launch it & provide 50% cashback within 4 hours to customers & retailers.
7. Normal customers have 2 options, if they need immediate recharge, they'll get 2% cashback & immediate recharge, otherwise another option to get 10% cashback but it may take 4-24 or some more hours to complete recharge & cashback.
8. As we'll get enough transactions/day, time will be auto reduce & 50% cashback will be applied with decreasing time or without time.
9. For normal customers Electricity Bill is open, but it may take time to complete & cashback, but guaranteed they'll get 10% cashback & will be paid.
10. We just need more & more customers to run all of these properly.
11. As customers will be increased, everything will be running well without taking time & they'll get profit 50% on everything.
12. To making customers & per the govt. notice we're changing some t&c, later we'll re-launch everything as we launched & then it willn't take any time.
13. Withdrawal currently unvailable we'll relaunch it very soon.
14. Once you paid wallet for anything, it won't be refunded at any case.
15. Once you paid wallet for anything, we guaranteed to complete & you'll get profitted but it may take time according to the market situation. So you need to keep patience till your payment proccess.
16. You can withdraw only the amount which is in your wallet.
17. For electricity Bill payments, it may take longer than mobile recharges to complete your ebill payment.
18. Once your e-bill payment process completed, it may take upto 7 working days to refund your 10% cashback in your wallet.
19. Similarly, once your recharge process completed & recharged, your cashback may take 7 working days to appear in your wallet.